The range of uses for brushstrips is huge. Traditionally, these strips are used for sealing and acoustic insulation on doors and gateways. Normal range of uses for brushstrips is to protect and guide parts during transport and basic scraping of conveyor belts. A larger form of brushstrip is the brush plate, used in various forms in plate punching machines.

There are today two groups of brushstrips we call channel brushstrips or punched brushstrips. Punched brushstrips are also available in a flexible variety, which have the advantage of being flexible and are stored on a roll for minimum waste.

Which brush to use is determined by the planned function and environment. The choices of design and brush materials are endless. Together, we shall make sure you have the correct brush for your application.

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Brush Seals Inventory List

Sealing Brushes with Rubber Lip Inventory List

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Antistat Brushes Product Sheet

Container Seal for Sorting Yard Product Sheet

Brushstrips Data Sheet

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