Disc brushes

Disc brushes have a wide range of uses, from rough deburring to finely polishing surfaces.

The advantage of disc brushes is that they brush from different directions and that you get an even wear on the material in the brush. The brushes have cores of either plastic or metal. We usually punch the brush material to the core according to customer requirements. We also supply disc brushes with the brush cast to the core or spiral-wound on a steel carcase.

We have many parameters to choose between in your selection of disc brush, which means our brushes get the appearance you want. We work with outer dimensions up to 1000 mm and can angle the brush in different directions for the best possible function.

The choice of materials in the core and the brush is based on the function that the brush will have. Is the brush to be used in a wet or dry environment, is the brush to have a grinding or cleaning function?

The questions can be numerous but together, we can determine the brush that is suitable for your application.

Files to download:

Disc Brush Data Sheet

Material List