Materials handling

Brushes for handling materials is a new product group with a great deal of advantages. It concerns transporting parts in a safe manner to avoid scratches.

Here we can transport parts on brush-clad belts or make transport carts with brush interiors to minimise damage on parts with high demands on surface quality.

Today we can customise carts for particular parts such as cabinet doors for the kitchen industry and plate for the metal and vehicle industries. On roller conveyors, for example, we can replace all the existing rollers with brush roller to avoid scratching the parts.

For many years we have used brushes in punches to prevent scratches and reduce noise levels. This has led to the use of brushes on mounting benches to minimize damage.

Today we are working with a large number of brushes for punches and can also offer a standard range of brushes for mounting benches.

Files to download:

Materials handling with brushes (Example 1)

Materials handling with brushes (Example 2)