Purchase terms

Terms of sale and delivery

Tax will be added to all Swedish customers and shipping will be added to all prices.
We book the freight, which will be charged on our invoice for the buyer of the goods. Our shipping company delivers the goods at street level on the agreed address. All services are carried out in accordance with Incoterms 2010 and our shipping terms against our carriers are DAP (Delivered At Place).
When the buyer has their own freight agreement, the terms of delivery is FCA (Free Carrier).
The shipment is then booked with the desired transport company at the purchaser’s customer number and the customer is then responsible for transport insurance and any transportation claims.
Delivery takes place on weekdays.
Packaging is included. However, if any EUR-pallets and pallet collars must be used, we will charge them.
General delivery conditions are applied according to NL 09 in Scandinavia or Orgalime S2000 for applicable countries elsewhere.
We reserve price and text errors. We are not responsible for indirect damage, such as lost profits in case of delay of goods.
For internet orders less than € 550 Euro within the Nordic countries, an additional shipping cost of 40 Euros will be charged.

Free delivery

For internet orders exceeding € 550 Euro, free shipping to an address within the Nordic countries.

Terms of payment

Account number: SE6412000000013010118961 (European customers)
Bank name: DANSKE BANK

Bank giro number: 5808-4427 (Only Swedish customers)
Bank name: DANSKE BANK

Our term of payment is invoice or direct payment.
For private customers / company with individual ownership, we apply prepayment invoice.
Svensk Borstteknik AB will do a credit check on all companies.


The invoice is paid within 30 days.
If payment is made after the due date we will charge interest at 12.0% per month.
Svensk Borstteknik AB reserves the ownership of the sold products until full payment is made.

Prepayment invoice

For private customers, we apply prepayment invoice / direct payment.


All products are subject to a minimum 12 month warranty. The warranty applies to normal wear and provided that no structural changes, alterations or super structural part of the product occurs. During the warranty period, we provide spare parts alternatively replace the item free of charge.

Quick delivery

Most of our products are in stock for immediate delivery. For non-stocked products delivery time may be up to a few weeks.
Order confirmed delivery refers to the date of dispatch.