Roller brushes

There are any number of roller brush variants available, everything from the smallest goat’s hair roller brush to large, long, steel rollers. We have two main variants of brushes, spiral-wound roller brushes and punched roller brushes.

Spiral-wound roller brushes are primarily used for brushes that must withstand tough environments such as high temperatures and high pressure. Punched roller brushes have the advantage that they are easy to adapt to varying dimensions and there is a large range of standardised brushes available.

Today, there is and extremely large assortment of punched Zick-Zack brushes that are based on a modular system, where you can create your own roller brush. The brush modules are 100 mm long and have “teeth” on both sides to conceal the join in the roller brush.

Here we work with dimension range 50 mm to 450 mm as standard.

Files to download:

Roller Brush Data Sheet