Spreader rollers

Mink has manufactured spreader rollers since 2005. Today, they have made over 10000 rollers for spreading different types of material that tend to fold. We have delivered rollers for spreading plastic foil, paper, fabric and non-woven material. Today we mainly supply rollers with antistatic material. This means you get two functions from one and the same roller, spreading and discharging static electricity.

Advantages of spreader rollers are numerous:

Simple to assemble thanks to the axles needing only to be hung on the stand.

The bearings are placed in the core of the roller.

The rollers are completely cylindrical, which means the material is tensioned the same across the entire width.

Flexible brush material, which reduces flutter on the sides of the material.

Long life.

Static electricity discharging.

The rollers are available with diameters 57-193 mm and lengths up to 7000 mm The highest conveyor speed is approx. 1000 metres/minute.

Please complete the data sheets below (downloads) and we will get back to you with suggestions of rollers with the correct brush material and a quote.

Files to download:

BSW10022 Spreader Roller Data Sheet

BSW-ZZ Spreader Roller Data Sheet

BSW-PP42 BSW-PP55 Spreader Roller Data Sheet

Spreader Roller Product Sheet